Spotify lockouts.

  • 7 February 2021
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Setup: 4 old Play3s running S2 software. Added Spotify premium account to Sonos. Choosing Spotify as source for room 1: works.

pause stream, choose Spotify as source for room 2: Spotify blocks connection. Now, connection is not possible for both rooms anymore. I have to select another source for room 1, reauth, and maybe then it works again.

similar when starting Spotify from app controller on phone 1, then do changes from controller on phone 2: Spotify is blocked.

i thought there is just one connection from Sonos to Spotify and no matter which controller is used, it’s referring to this one connection. But obviously sonos can’t handle this… now how does this work? How many connections are made from Sonos to Spotify when using multiple rooms (not simultaneously!, just one active stream at a time) or using multiple controllers? In S1 I did not encounter such issues. Thanks for any hints!


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2 replies

...many thanks! tried this, let’s see how it works 

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Try this:

Remove Spotify from you music services in the Sonos app, Then go to Settings > App Preferences and tap Reset App. Then close and reopen the app and re-add Spotify and test again.