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  • 7 January 2023
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Just after some product advice please. I am due to receive a sonos beam gen 2 next week. I am an iPhone user therefore will be looking to do the sound test where you move your phone to different parts of the room for the best sound.


I just need advice with regards to my living room to provide me the best sound. 


To describe the room - it is one large room - that used to be 2 rooms. We sit in the first half of the room, but it is also opened up to the second part of the room.


When doing the sounding test.  Should I move my phone into the extended part of the living room too up into the top corners?


Your advice is greatly appreciated.



Lee Whitfield 



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You’re essentially testing the reflectance of all surfaces. Try it, see how you like it, and if it doesn’t seem right to you, try it again, with different ‘waving’ of the iOS device. You’re trying to match to what you like.