Sonos Radio keeps dropping

  • 30 January 2021
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I have a pair of Play 1s. In the last few weeks, the connection to Sonos Radio and TuneIn keeps dropping to the point it is now unusable. I only play one station . I could spend 10 mins trying to get it to the play on one or the other and it will play for a while then drop out and then same again. It’s infuriating! Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks


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4 replies

First it says its unable to play the songs (even though it’s a radio station as ‘it’s not encoded correctly’ then it says that it has lost the connection to Sonos radio

It will play music from spotify no problem, it’s only with Radio. Wold appreciate any help. Thanks

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Hi @daveyboy31 

Sorry for the delay - as you replied to yourself, this topic wasn’t flagged as one needing a reply.

The errors you get sometimes appear when the speaker has a bad connection to your WiFi - I presume either range or interference is the problem.

Please check our guide on reducing wireless interference. Ideally, you want 1m separation between your Sonos speaker and anything else that uses WiFi. Metal or glass surfaces very close to the speaker can cause reflections of the WiFi which is also interference.

If that doesn’t help, please test the speaker in a different location.

If you have a WiFi booster or extender this may be the cause of the problem, so please try turning these off, if you have any. Make sure your speaker is within range of your router. If you need to extend the range of your WiFi, we recommend a mesh WIFi system configured in Bridge mode (if your router remains on the network rather than being replaced by the mesh).

Finally, if you continue to have problems, please get in touch with our technical support team who will be able to give you some advice specific to your system/environment.



Has anyone found a fix to this?  I am experiencing the same problem.  Spotify works fine.  Radio Paradise works fine.  It’s just my connection to Sonos Radio or the Tune In app.  Happens constantly.  It started happening after I switched my wifi router which was around the time this post was made, so I don’t know if there’s a connection.  I don’t know how to troubleshoot it since it’s clearly not my actual signal that’s the problem and the speakers work fine.  Losing my mind over here.