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  • 21 December 2023
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For some reason when using the sonos app (sonos S2 app) there are a few playlists that wont play. All I get is. Unable to browse music. Again, this is only on a handfull of playlists, the others are fine. they all play ok vie the Amazon app.Have tried a few things but no joy. Would be greatful if anybody has any ideas to the cause. Running a pair of Era100s.

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Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 21 December 2023, 15:51

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4 replies

Maybe some of the playlists, or track shortcuts are no longer available, or have moved location in the cloud, perhaps see what happens if you remove and add the playlist/tracks again from your chosen music service provider(s) via a search in the Sonos App. It maybe replacing/updating them might fix the issue.🤞

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Cheers Ken will give it a try. Have checked the tracks and all seem available but will try removing and adding again and see if that helps.

Thanks again 


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Amazon seems to constantly be renaming things so Sonos Favorites and Playlists quit working.

I spend a bit of time when I’m bored just going through my Sonos and playing everything to see what is then broken. Searching up the new version and adding it back fixes the issue but you have to be cautious as the thumbnail and title you are shown will be identical on the working and non-working ones. 

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Cheers Stanley. Appreciated.