Sonos One Not Updating Software

  • 24 April 2022
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I’ve got a Sonos One that I purchased 3-4 years ago (roughly).  So I’ve owned it since new and never had issues updating when new updates were available.  Running Windows 10 with the current Sonos software update.  I have omitted the IP address, but it is there and correct.  The progress bar for the for the software update completes… then displays the following message:  The Sonos controller installer failed to download.  I have turned off Windows Firewall and my anti-virus… still no resolve.  As a side note, my Sonon One is working, but a little quirky at the moment.  I primarily use it for listening to music.  Sometimes it will play requested iHeartRadio stations, and sometimes it will just stay silent after a request.  Same with Pandora stations.  Any help would be appreciated.


Associated Product: 192.XXX.X.X
Sonos One: Kitchen
Serial Number: 78-28-CA-13-99-A6:D
Version: 11.1 (build 56076060)
Hardware Version:
Series ID: A100
IP Address: 192.XXX.X.X
WM: 1


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1 reply

Are you able to control the system using a phone/pad controller?

Refrain from Factory Reset, but you can uninstall, then reinstall the Windows SONOS controller -- just make sure to indicate that you want to control an existing system, not setup a new system.