Sonos not working with Apple Music Voice subscription

  • 15 January 2023
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I’ve been using my old Sonos Play:1 with Apple Music for some time. I recently ‘downgraded’ the subscription to Apple Music Voice, because it’s £6/month cheaper and I didn’t need the extras provided with a full subscription. It may be a co-incidence, but since then, Sonos won’t recognise my Apple Music subscription. It keeps telling me that I need to renew my Apple Music subscription, which I don’t. I have tried signing out of Sonos and back in again, rebooting the speaker, signing out of Apple Music and back in again, disconnecting Apple Music from the Sonos app and reconnecting. Nothing seems to work.




Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 15 January 2023, 13:40

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3 replies

I would try upgrading back to Apple Music full subscription and see if that works, if so it will tend to suggest that the Music subscription tier you were using is not sot supported on Sonos.

Just as another example the Apple Music Voice subscription does not work on Alexa enabled speakers either, by all accounts - so that too would need a full AM subscription.

You’re right @Ken_Griffiths - I’ve just upgraded back to Apple Music full sub and it now works. Same happened with Alexa. How annoying >:[

Now considering terminating Apple Music altogether since I already have Amazon Prime audio.

Thanks for your help :)