Songs added to sonos playlist don't actually get into the playlist

  • 25 February 2022
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I’ve been adding songs to a large playlist for the last few hours. These are all albums on my NAS, not from streaming services. Although the message displayed is that all the songs on the albums are being added, at some point it simply stopped adding them.

The playlist currently has about 3500 songs and when I add up all my playlists there are about 12300 songs in total.

Is there a hard limit on tracks in a single playlist?

Is there a limit on the number of tracks in all playlists?

Is it just me or should I have gotten a message saying the adding is failing rather than that it worked?


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4 replies

I don’t know if there are individual Sonos playlist track-limits per-se, as I’ve not got playlists with that many tracks in them, but there are certainly limits to items on the ‘My Sonos’ tab, also time-out limitations in some cases …and clearly limits to speaker memory/storage. It’s also a case that it’s perhaps difficult to rule out network-connection (interference) issues between the controllers and speakers aswell at this early stage. 

From a personal perspective, I have encountered such system ‘storage’ limits from time-to-time when using the ‘My Sonos’ area of the App, but I usually (always) get an error message displayed within the App, which is something ‘similar’ to the attached screenshot (just an example), that’s whenever I exceed those limits. So ‘yes’ I would have expected you to see an error message in the Sonos App if, for any reason, a user-request to add tracks to a playlist was unable to be completed. 

Have you perhaps tried these things, just as a few suggestions, to see what else you can discover …

  • Adding a single track to the same playlist.
  • Removing tracks and then trying to add additional tracks back.
  • Deleting another playlist to see if you are then able to add tracks to the problem playlist.

If you do find an issue/stumble upon a problem, then perhaps submit a Sonos diagnostic report, note it’s reference and then contact Sonos Support Staff to see if they can perhaps assist to discover where the problems lie.

Further info… I’ve just seen the below comment from Sonos Staff ‘Corry P.’ in another community post, which mentions this information, which perhaps might help to throw some light on this reported issue…

"There is no hard limit for the number of playlists that can be made, but the total number of all tracks in all playlists may not exceed 10,000."


That doesn’t sound right since as I said I added mine up and there are already over 12,200 tracks. Though many of them appear in more than one playlist so that may be give a different result. I seem to recall seeing in one of my searches through this site the number 65000 which I assume actually means 64K.

The 65000 is the maximum number of tracks in the Music Library.  It has nothing to do with playlists.