Remote control with Samsung LSP7T

  • 12 November 2023
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I have a question about connecting Samsung Premiere LSP7T remote control to Sonos. 

I have connected my Beam (gen2) with my samsung projector via hdmi arc and have also checked that the cec is enabled for remote control. Also I found this article: that suggest to set up universal remote, but differently from the samsung tv-s, the projector dosn’t seem to have that option. 


While trying to set up the remote under Sonos App, I get to the step where I need to press the volume up button. If I press the button, I notice that the white light on the beam2 will blink lighter, then I press the button on the remote, but the setup in the app will time out and therefor fail. 


Is there a solution how to set this particular remote control to work with Sonos? 


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4 replies

Never mind, find the universal remote setup on my samsung device.

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Hi @elvarliiv 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Although it seems you found an answer, I thought I’d share the following: if you are connected via HDMI-ARC and have HDMI-CEC enabled, there is no need to program any remote - the commands are passed along the HDMI cable by whichever device the remote belongs to.

Programming a remote should only be needed if the Beam is connected via the included optical adaptor.

I hope this helps.

Hi all, 

I have a question. I’m about to purchase a short distance beamer (the premiere LSP7T) and would like to connect it with a Sonos Beamer + Era 100. 

But before I do, I would like to make sure it is at all possible to connect them. 

Understood it is possible to connect through eARC. 

Can someone confirm this is working? 

Many thanks for all the inputs. 

Yes, the Sonos Beam works via HDMI ARC/eARC. 

Since a soundbar like the Beam is designed to be at the front of the room, where the image is, you may have issues running a cable from your projector to the Sonos Beam.