• 31 March 2024
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" is experiencing a full outage" message from Sonos will not go away.  It blocks the ability to search music.  Have deleted it from my services.  What to do??


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9 replies

Interestingly, not in the US…at least not uniformly. It isn’t an ‘official government’ holiday. 

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In most European countries companies are closed on Easter Monday too.

Having just checked the time where I know some of the forum folks to be, it does seem to be a little early on Monday morning for them to be awake and working…

I think they have some folks in the EU. While it is Sunday night in the PNW, it is likely Monday over there. 

Ahh!!!  It just went away!!

I suspect you're right.  When they get back in the office... they'll fix it.  

I suspect that pop up will go away tomorrow (Monday), when people get in to the office. @Corry P ;)

Can you not just ‘close’ that warning and then type in your search field? What device are you running your controller on? 

Yes, I saw that and removed the service in the settings, but the black and orange notice from Sonos will not go away, and it takes the space of the search box, meaning I can't search for any music!

According to Sonos, was removed from Sonos as an accommodation of's request.