• 8 November 2023
  • 4 replies

Hi, I have one location with a Sonos Connect and another with a Port. Not on the same

network. On the Connect I have playlists etc and would like to use this on the Port also.

Is this possible?


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4 replies

Are both systems at the same level? (S1 or S2)

Hi Buzz, yes they both are on S2

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What kind of playlists (Sonos support many)? If its a music service playlist then it will show up on both systems automatically.

You can import and export Sonos playlists with my iOS app (see profile).

Thank your for your response.These are  music playlists and playlists created using the

Connect and stored in My Sonos.

If I am connected to the Port (another appartment), I do not see any of them.

I just downloaded your app Phonos Plus, thank you. I will check tomorrow at the

location of the Port if I can export the list.

Thanks again for helping out.