Phones keep getting booted from Sonos

  • 11 January 2023
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I have two Sonos Ones and one Sonos One SL. The two Sonos Ones are setup as a stereo pair. Overall everything works great except one small and infuriating problem. When I open the Sonos app on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S10+) my husbands phone (Samsung Galaxy S22) and my son’s phone (Samsung Galaxy S10+) can no longer connect to any Sonos speakers. They get the message that the phone can’t “find the network”.


If we go through the process of getting their phones to find and recognize the Sonos speakers then my phone no longer is connected and I have the same message. We have not changed the wifi network/router recently. The Sonos speaker are all online and work fine. It just seems that if my phone is able to connect my husband and son’s phones can’t and visa versa. 


We have checked all the settings on the phones, they have the same app version, same network settings, same wifi network connection, same android OS version, same everything. As you can imagine the frustration is very high in my house. Any ideas? 



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3 replies

What happens if you briefly switch the phones to Airplane mode?

Buzz, you’re a hero. That worked!!

This suggests that there are issues with your network. Likely, the “phantom” will strike again at some point. You can subdue the “phantom” if you configure your router to “reserve” IP addresses for regular network clients -- particularly the SONOS units. This is not hard. You’ll need to dig into the router documentation for details. Fortunately, this is mostly a one time procedure -- you’ll need to make adjustments if you add add or delete SONOS units or other network clients in the future.