People accessing system through Spotify connect

  • 8 November 2019
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So I just came home from work and was surprised to hear my speakers blasting music on full volume. 

After some troubleshooting I Could say that it is not my apartment that is haunted but my girlfriend who had  accessed my system through her Spotify by accident by using Spotify connect. After some testing we found that several People who had accessed the speakers before through my wifi Could still connect, miles away through Spotify and play music. 


Is there any way to block or remove this function. I only want People to gain access when I allow through my wifi?





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5 replies

Hi. This is a feature of Spotify Connect, not Sonos. One way to prevent it is not to let people use Spotify Connect. Or you can play another source on the speakers as soon as they leave. That should break the link.

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Hi. This is a feature of Spotify Connect, not Sonos.

That's weird, I've only ever seen this on Sonos with connect. None of my other Spotify connect devices do that.

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Thanks for the link that's really interesting.

The implication of that thread seems to be that it's not specific to Sonos. On the other hand, does every Spotify Connect compatible speaker have the equivalent of the Sonos Cloud? Maybe it doesn't happen with every speaker.  I really don't know.  I do recall that when Sonos speakers were made compatible with Spotify Connect there was already stuff on the web discussing this feature.