Pandora stops playing and has difficulty connecting

  • 27 November 2020
  • 14 replies

3 pairs of Play:1s, each with manually assigned IPs. Tested bandwidth on ATT fiber and getting 300MB+


System has worked fine for past few years. This issue occurred in the last few weeks.


confirmation #: 1535401651

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14 replies

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Hi @ichalif.

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community!

I appreciate your effort in submitting the diagnostic, let me help you and try to figure this out.

Have you tried other music services aside from Pandora to see if the issue occurs?

Was there any change made on the network or on the Sonos system recently?

Upon checking the diagnostic report, I see a sync error that indicates audio dropouts and symptoms indicative of interference has been detected on one or more Sonos components running on the WiFi. Commonly, audio interruptions can come as a result of wireless interference or wireless congestion.

  • This article will help you reduce wireless interference around your Sonos products. 
  • If you are using a local WiFi network with more than one WiFi hub or access point, I recommend that you can try to switch your system to SonosNet by wiring just one standalone Sonos device to your primary WiFi hub or router, that begins the WiFi network.
  • Test it, attempt music playback, and see if the problem will be resolved.
  • Wait for about 3 minutes, then submit a new diagnostic report and reply with the confirmation so I can check if there will be changes.


Let us know how it goes and if you have any questions feel free to reach out, we’re always here to help.

Other services (SoundCloud, Amazon, tune in) are not affected. I tried connecting one of the play:1s directly via Ethernet cable, but that didn’t resolve the issue and caused other network problems. Restarted the router and that helped for a bit (~5 songs) but then it stopped again. 

updated diagnostic confirmation #: 1037425854

And another: 874947321

it played one song, then stopped. Thumbing the song failed. When I pressed play, it started the same song over again. 

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I have the exact same issue.  My WiFi router died today so I’ve been setting up my new WiFi.  I have the Boost hard wired and my Sonos system works perfectly other than Pandora.  Same issue you are experiencing.  I’ve removed and added the service again but no luck.  There seems to be an issue between Sonos and Pandora?

It’s always possible the issue is with Pandora’s servers, but it’s also possible that your speakers are having trouble maintaining a connection to your router. Check out the wifi interference FAQ, and try a simple network refresh by unplugging all Sonos devices, then reboot your router. Once the router comes back up, plug back in the Sonos devices. 

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Thanks for the help - I’ve tried that already but the issue is only with Pandora.  

Doesn’t mean the issue can’t be local, different streaming services have different tolerances for disconnections. What works on one stream may nit on another, just due to the server’s settings. 

But, if you’ve already tried my suggestions, you may get more concrete information by posting a diagnostic after an event occurs, just like the OP has. While it could be the same issue, it’s also possible it’s something completely different, so an anecdotal ‘me too’ may not resolve your issue. 

I have 5 Play 1’s, a Beam, a Sonos One and a Play 3. All are on most recent firmware. They use a wired gig connection to for SonosNet. Internet is gig fiber, I consistently get 700-800mbps with 5-6ms latency. Spotify works fine, we stream NPR all day long via Tune In with no issues. Playing library content works fine.

Pandora on the other hand is not working so well. If I had to guess it started 3-4 weeks ago. Stream stops after 20-30 minutes. Sometimes I get connection errors when trying to start stations. Not sure if this is on the Sonos side or Pandora. Will get a diagnostic next time I use it.


There doesn’t appear to be any issue with my Wi-Fi network. The access point is 15ft away and in direct line of sight from one of the Play:1s and all of the devices are getting 54Mbps link rates (max for that gen of speaker?). All of my other services and media server work fine. Only Pandora has had problems and it’s a recent issue. Nothing has changed about my home network, placement of devices, or addition of devices identified as causing wireless interference. This exact system has worked perfectly for years up until now. Very frustrating.

Same problem, also started several weeks ago. Had been working fine for years. Pandora works perfectly when not going through Sonos. It only fails using Sonos, so it’s clearly a Sonos problem. Please advise.

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Hi folks, we appreciate your patience on this. It will be helpful to submit a diagnostic report on the Sonos app after a few minutes when the issue happens and reach out to Sonos Support, as we can take a closer look and discuss it with all of you individually in real-time and create a troubleshooting ticket at the same time. You can give us a call and work with a technician live, they'll start by checking your system health and go from there. They have resources available for advanced troubleshooting, and the tools our agents can use would be very useful in this case to see what’s going on.


If you have any questions or concerns,  feel free to reach out.

I submitted 3 separate diagnostic reports, but no response other than it might be Wi-Fi interference, which seems unlikely given the other tests I have done. 

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Hi @ichalif.

We appreciate the time and effort you've spent troubleshooting with us, and we feel it would be best for you to continue working with us over the phone in real-time to expedite the process. Those diagnostics that you have submitted will be discussed, and the succeeding steps needed will be advised by the technician you will speak with.

Our contact information and hours can be found here:


If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know.

A few of days ago my system started working fine. Not sure what took place after I submitted a diagnostic report, but whatever you folks did, it worked! Thank you. Hopefully it will stay fixed and I won’t bug you again about it.