Pandora intermittently stops playing or simply won't play

  • 16 December 2022
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Looked around for Pandora issues and can’t seem to find a recent post so asking about a problem which only just began showing up after the latest hardware update. We’ve been Sonos user for many many years without any of these issues before so you can imagine it’s frustrating.

We have 4 Sonos 1’s and a Sonos port spread throughout the house and prior to the latest hardware update, all of them were able to play music from Pandora individually and as a group.

However, something in the latest update which I did about a week ago, something has generated the following problems attempting to use Pandora

  1. I select a music station from Pandora from the S2 controller and the station I select blinks, as if I’ve selected it, but then nothing ever plays.  
  2. I select a station and it happens to play (maybe 1 out of 20 tries) and it will play for a short period of time through all devices but then it simply stops.
  3. In this case, when I go to the Sonos app and simply press the play button, I get an error to the effect that it is unable to play music.

We are primary Pandora users so not getting to the bottom of this on my own has been massively frustrating.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what may have happened and how to address it?


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8 replies

Have you tried removing and re-adding the Pandora service again in the Sonos App?

I would perhaps also try a reboot of the local router and/or your Sonos players and see if that solves the issue.

Thanks Ken.  I have tried removing the service a couple of times, but that did not help.

However, I’ll will reboot all the devices and the routers in the house.  I probably should have done that for starters but got stuck on the app update being the originating cause.

Will report back once I get home this evening.

Ken, that solved it.  I unplugged each player, restarted the router and network, then powered the players on and voila! 

Just like new!


Experiencing same issue. For some reason Pandora won't connect, says unable to play.  Been using it for years. Reinstalled pandora and rebooted all the devices and router.  Talked to Sonos for an hour redoing all that. Guy finally said it's an interference issue. BS. Nothing else experiences it and the Sonos channel goes right through. Go figure.  
Sure don't want to have to change since my entire home has Sonos products.  

Wonder if their service was down for a bit? Unfortunately, the “real time service status” page doesn’t track over time.

You could possibly post your diagnostic number here, and wait for a moderator to pick up and take a look at it. It’s possible that the person you reached by phone wasn’t as adept as some at looking at the data. 

When you say “devices”, what exactly do you mean? All of your Sonos devices, including any BRIDGE or BOOST you may have, in addition to the router? Just out of morbid curiosity on my part, are you running S1 or S2, and what Sonos device(s) are you using?

Noticing that, when using Pandora, music starts great but stops playing through the Sonos Speakers after the ads play. I pause it for a minute or so and start it back up and it plays, no changes to configurations. It plays perfectly again until the ads finish the next time and stops playing again. The Pandora app is still playing, and when I play music directly from the iPhone, no issues like that; music starts right after the ads again, like expected. 

I have also been experiencing difficulties with Pandora ( a 5-8 sec silence in the middle of a song while it still is playing but no sound).

The issues  have gotten much worse in the last few months. I have deleted the account, reinstalled. I have rebooted eveything (a few times) and it still consistently skips/pauses. This only happens at my fitness studio and not at my home. I have a connect at the studio but I have also rebooted that as well. No improvements. No issues with Spotify, Apple music or Amazon although I mostly play  Pandora. 

I have spend a few hours on the phone with Sonos with no solution. Am I missing something else that someone else has tried? Thank you

Did you ever get this issue resolved? Im experiencing the exact same problem with my Sonos system while using Pandora and it’s really frustrating.