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  • 29 December 2023
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I am using Apple Music and actually I have noticed that a lot of playlists are missing in Sonos - in the native apple music app there are lot more resuts showing than in Sonos.

e.g. if I search for “christmas”, then apple music gives me around 50-100 playlists as result. The same is if I search for “party”.

But in Sonos i get only 10-15 as a result - this are all playlists for “christmas”:


Even worse is the result on “amazon music” - there is not a playlist at all (this is the whole result page):


After digging into deeper, I found out, that the result is that bad when using the “new search”. If I switch to classic, then I get this for e.g. amazon (note that the result is even longer, I just cutted it):


So it seems that the new search is still missing a lot of results, or can I fix this by reindexing the search or anything else?


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Hi @voodopupp 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Thanks for reporting this - I was able to reproduce this discrepancy in my own testing on Apple Music and have reported it.

As for Amazon Music, it just seems to be a labelling issue - it seems the playlists are being labelled as “Stations”, as there are far more results on New Search than there are for a classic “Station” search on Amazon Music. The results do seem a little different, however - I’ve asked for this to be investigated too.

Thanks again!


Hi @Corry P

sounds great, hopefully this problem will be fixed soon, so that the search will be useable again…



I'm having the same issue with YouTube Music. Even testing using the entire playlist name I'm getting very limited to no results. 

Nothing in Sonos iis alphabetized, which makes it difficult to find my music. Searching in the classic and new search turns up limited results and/or results I didn't ask for. Even using the entire list name and the author (me).

Filtering search results seems like app development 101... why is this an issue?

Sonos doesn’t do any filtering or sorting on any data received from a streaming company, unfortunately. Sonos merely displays what is sent to them. You might want to ask YouTube music why they’re not alphabetizing the data they send to Sonos.