My Sonos system keeps losing / is unable to play my music library - how do I fix this?

  • 10 October 2020
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Subject line says it all - it has been happening intermittently since I removed my obsolete Sonos Bridge, and recently has become more frequent and frustrating. The media library is on a WD MyCloud NAS hardwired into the home network. The MyCloud DLNA Media Server is ON - but seems to ‘see’ way more attached Sonos media players than I actually have....

One of the Sonos speakers (Sub) is hardwired into the network ( did this to fix the problem whereby the system was occasionally losing rooms / speakers): the other speakers are connected via wifi.  DHCP is dynamic. 

I tried fixing this by rebooting the wireless hub (SmartRG SR505N) with no luck this time.  The NAS is up and running fine: I can connect to it from my iMac, and the library is there. I will happily submit diagnostics if you tell me what to do.

I used to love this system,  but it is getting harder to love …… It should not be this hard ….. 

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5 replies

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Hi @IanGra, thank you for reaching us and welcome to the Sonos Community. I appreciate you for letting us know about your concern. Your frustrations are completely understandable. Let me help you with this.

First, I'd like to ask some questions to isolate the issue so we can create a path towards resolution.

1. Any changes in the network like a new router?
2. When did you encounter this issue?
3. Have you tried wiring one of your speakers to the router aside from the Sub? Did it improve the connection?

We would appreciate it if you can submit a diagnostic report to further check on this. Let us know the confirmation number.

Let us know how it goes. We'll wait for your reply.

Just sending diagnostics now - but alas (although good for me) the system seems to be working now.  Confirmation # is 432516467.

To your questions:

  1. there have been no changes to the network in the past half year or more.  
  2. This problem (unable to play music) has occurred intermittently for around a year. But - = I’d been seeing this issue along with the “disappearing rooms / speakers” problem.  I thought both problems had disappeared after I connected the SUB to the physical network.  This is the first time since I made that hardwired connection that we’d had any problems.
  3. I have not tried hardwire-connecting any other speakers: they are not close to any wired access point. 
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Hi @IanGra, thank you for your response and for providing the diagnostic report. Let me check it for you.

Upon checking, there's a communication problem between your Sonos speakers and your network. To correct this, the next step is to perform a sequential reboot of your network devices, all your Sonos products, and force close mobile controllers to refresh the connection.

  • A sequential reboot means that we need to do this in order.
    • Unplug your network devices (modem, router, any wireless access points on the network) from the power and wait for 60 full seconds before you plug it back in.
    • Once the router is back online, unplug all your Sonos devices from the power. Please wait 15 seconds before you plug back them back in.
    • Force close the Sonos app from your iOS or Android device.
    • When the status light on your Sonos speakers are solid white, get back on the Sonos app and check if you're connected.
  • I recommend wiring one of Play 3's or your Play 1 (not in the home theater setup) to the router and see how your system will work.
  • The next step that you can do is to change the wireless channel on the Sonos app. The non-overlapping channels in the network are 1, 6, and 11. Currently, your Sonos is on channel 6, please change it to channel 1.

I after performing the steps above and you're still experiencing the same issue, you need to contact our Sonos Customer Care support with your full network setup including the make and model for each device. Our phone support has the tools to check what's going on in your system and remotely access your device and to provide the best option for you.

Please feel free to reach out in the future if you have any other questions.

Thanks Rowena. I will implement those changes (save for hard-wiring one of the other Play’s, as that is not feasible without buying new hardware) and resubmit a diagnostic to this thread if the problem recurs.

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Hi @IanGra, thank you for your response.

Please keep us posted on this and let us know the confirmation number of the diagnostic report.

We’ll wait for your reply.