Music library not updating efficiently or capturing all items

  • 19 November 2021
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Admittedly I have a large music library but it has been larger and has updated quickly and efficiently in the past. The music file is 388gb, 42000 files but it has been larger with no problem .Over the last couple of days it has not captured all items despite removing the path and reinstalling on 2 occasions now. It has been indexing for about 3 hours as we speak. It is making me doubt whether the directory path is correct even though the app prompts me towards C drive and the Music folder which contains the files in question. Also I have had a strange prompt asking for permission to allow this app to make changes to my device whenever I request an update. This has never been asked before when I have requested an update. Has the recent update anything to do with this ? It seems very odd. The internet speed isnt the quickest but adequate and at the same response rate as usual. Not moved the PC, wireless connection, no ethernet. Had one online conversation and a remote call this morning but not convinced !! Any thoughts anyone please. Thankyou Brin.


5 replies

Hi. Internet speed is totally irrelevant to this.

Most likely is some network latency or interference that is stopping the indexing from completing. 

I would try connecting the PC by Ethernet to your router temporarily and trying again.

Which version of Sonos software: S1 or S2?

Is the Sonos desktop controller installed on the PC? 

Serving 388GB off the PC is asking quite a lot. Why no network storage device? 


Any interactive indexing operation is carried out by the current ‘Associated Product’ for that controller. Look in Settings/System/About (or Help/About on the PC controller) to discover its IP, and hence its identity and location. If it’s on a poor wireless connection, or is one of the less well CPU’d older boxes, index scan speeds would suffer. 

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Its subsequently uploaded all the file thankfully. For the record its version S2 and yes I agree an NSD would be the sensible device to purchase. It just seemed odd that another update coincided with these problems. Thankyou for your comments.

It just seemed odd that another update coincided with these problems. 

When an update has not recently taken place, people post on here to say "feature X isn't working'. When an update has just taken place they post to say 'the update broke feature X'. It's hardly ever the update 


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Hi John, sorry I did not mean to imply that the update was the cause, I am just a little bemused as to why a system which has been working very efficiently for some months has suddenly started to have problems. Just reasoning really. A new feature introduced is this prompt to allow the application to make changes to my hard drive whenever I ask for an update. I would imagine that this is enhanced security wouldn’t you ?