I can't connect to Homey Pro.

  • 30 March 2024
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Has anyone had same problem and know of a fix?


Best answer by RJJR 1 April 2024, 18:16

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What is Homey Pro, and why should Sonos connect to it?

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For the Homey Pro, see

@RJJR Can you tell us what steps you have tried already?

I have tried to add SONOS TO HOMEY i follow all steps and agree for homey to use sonos hit okay and it says you can now close this window,  i close it and it goes to homey window and the spinning wheel spins and never changes. I removed both homey and sonos apps, reinstall, still  does same thing. I even removed Sonos from my old smartthings hub. I have also contacted homey and have no answer yet. I've  also sent diagnostic to both companies. I'm going to call sonos this morning to see if they can figure it out and use tools they have available. Fingers crossed. Thanks 

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Ok. Seems you’ve already done a lot. I can’t think af anything more. Could you post a resolution (if you get one) here?

Problem resolved.  My Sonos Boost was the problem.  Factory reset and re- added correctly.