Dubble scrobbling when using Spotify

  • 4 November 2020
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Ok so it seems that Sonos doesn’t really care about this issue since I find post about this from like 3 years ago.

But another issue with Scrobbling with your Spotify account is that if you use the Last.fm Scrobble feature on Sonos when you start playing something through Spotify on any other device the last 50 songs you played gets Scrobbled again.

I understand why this is happening but no one is doing anything about it.


Let me try and explain what I think is happening. When you Scrobble through Sonos it sends every Scrobble directly to Last.fm after you have listened to a song. This is great and makes so that you can Scrobble “in real time” if you update the Last.fm page.

But when you start listening through Spotify it sends the last 50 cached songs to Last.fm as well since playing through Sonos almost counts as if you are playing offline. Therefor you get another set of the last 50 songs you played through your Sonos system with Spotify.


There has to be something either Spotify or Sonos could do about this because having to play one song through my phone every 50 songs to not miss any Scrobbles is teadious as hell and having to go through my Last.fm account every day to delete duplicates is way to time consuming…

I’m going to post this to both Sonos and Spotifys support forums since I don’t really know who should be responsible or if both of them should be.

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2 replies

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Hi @Estivee, welcome to the Sonos Community and I’d be happy to help. I also appreciate the details and for reaching out here. If you’re saying it’s fine when you play directly from Sonos and only happening when you play directly from Spotify, it seems that it’s something to do with Spotify and good thing you reach out to them as well. Just let us know. We and the community are always here to help.

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Hey Estivee,

Did you get a response from Spotify? Looking forward to a fix for this.