• 3 November 2021
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For some reason I cannot connect the curator playlist on Apple Music to my Sonos’. All working fine apart from that but its annoying as thats the main music I listen to.

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5 replies

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Which specific “curator” playlist are you trying to play? If you have an iOS device and an AirPlay-compatible Sonos speaker, you can AirPlay the playlist directly from Apple Music.

Its when I use the Sonos app on my IOS device when I browse Apple music and click on New all the music options work, except Curator playlists, it tells me “we have run into a problem. Try again”.


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Try removing and re-adding Apple Music in the Sonos app. You can also try deleting and reinstalling the Sonos app and rebooting your phone.

No that did not work! Still getting same message - we have run into a problem. try again.


Just FYI i have contacted both Sonos and Apple about the curious case of the curator playlists. Apple say when using their app thru Sonos, that its more likely to be an issue with how Sonos have configured their app.

I am genuinely puzzled , Am I the only one that cannot access the curator playlist via Apple on Sonos??

У меня та же проблема.sonos не добавляет apple в программу.что делать?