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  • 26 August 2023
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I have an Era 300 connected via Wi-Fi, AirPlay and Bluetooth and controlled by my iPad.

Considering changing my iPad.

As in the past, I’ll use my Mac to backup my old iPad and then transfer content to my new iPad.

Will my Era 300 just work again after I change iPad or is there something I need to perform on my new iPad/app/Speaker to get it to work again? 
Thanks in advance….


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3 replies

The iPad should work fine, the Sonos App ‘may’ however prompt you to sign into your Sonos account again. Note the App is only a ‘remote’ for your Sonos products it can be removed and reinstalled on a controller device, without affecting the Sonos setup. All the system settings, services etc; are stored on the players/speakers. 

Thank you for your answer…

I get confused where the music comes from nowadays.

Bluetooth only beams the music from your iPad to the speaker I presume, but the guy in the store said these speakers, almost bypass the iPad when on Wi-Fi and get the music from the server directly and the iPad tells the speaker what to ask for and stream?

Hence my question…..Thanks again

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It depends how you use the iPad. Using it form the Sonos app is always wifi, no bluetooth. Airplaying music can be done (also via wifi) with music on the device or music from internet sources.