Cannot Add Library On ASUS 6604T

  • 3 October 2022
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Today my S1 system said it could not access the library which is on my ASUS NAS. Support documents said to remove the library and re add. I removed the library but now cannot add it again. I’ve tried from my windows pc and also from my ipad. I get errors about serverstack which surely cannot be correct using an ipad.

When trying to add the library sonos will drill down to the folder without problem so there is a connection to the nas.

I should add my nas did an ADM update in the last day or two

Thank you


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4 replies

More than likely that an update to your ASUS NAS turned off SMB v1. You’ll probably need to go back and re-enable it, since you’re using S1.

Note that what you can do on any of your other devices makes no difference to Sonos, it’s the speaker that needs to be able to access that location via SMB v1 and NTML v1, and not the controller device, be it phone, tablet, or desktop. Two different methods of connection to the location of the data.

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Hello Airgetlam,

Thank you for your reply , SMB was set to V2.

I did not set the NTMLv1 so i’ll go back in to the nas and set that.

Thank you

Heh. You’re most welcome. I had that same problem with my Western Digital drive….they updated the firmware, and turned off SMB v1 for me, kind hearted people that they are. :)

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All working now, problem resolved.