Can't play whole album from my NAS dive

  • 27 December 2023
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My SONOS system (Play 5 and Connect) has been in store and have recently recommissioned my setup.

I store all my music on a NAS drive and Asset UPnP. However, I can only play one track at a time and not the whole album but I could in the past.

Just to confuse issues, I can play everything on my HIFI, So doubt it’s an indexing problem

Any idea why?





Best answer by ratty 27 December 2023, 13:00

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4 replies

If you’re using UPnP/DLNA to get the files that’s probably the problem. Sonos has patchy, unofficial support for DLNA. I recall witnessing the behaviour you describe with Asset UPnP years ago.

You’ll need to access the NAS using SMB/CIFS.

Thank you Ratty but I am a technophobe!

Can you give me some pointers please?

Thank you Ratty

I’ll give it a try :)