Can’t connect Sonos one with Spotify in Korea

  • 1 November 2022
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I had asked this issue two years ago. But this issue has been not resolved yet. Spotify had launched in Korea a few years ago. Why still Sonos not support to connect with Spotify in Sonos one yet?
 This is an unfair situation for KR users and Sonos would not handle it, I think.

 If anyone who is responsible for this issue in Sonos can check, Let me know the exact reason soon.




Best answer by Airgetlam 1 November 2022, 06:04

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1 reply

You’re unlikely to get an ‘official’ response, I would expect that Sonos is fairly unwilling to throw a partner ‘under the bus’. 

The simple fact is that Spotify needs to give Sonos the legal approval for Sonos to carry their service. Sonos can’t just do it because Spotify is there, they must have legal authorization. And it is entirely possible that Spotify, when negotiating with the local authorities, may have been unable to get that sort of extension…albeit unlikely. But international copyright and carriage laws are rather complex to navigate.

Your best bet would be to start with Spotify, and ask them why they haven’t authorized Sonos to carry their stream in South Korea. I’d imagine the government of North Korea wouldn’t want any extension of a Western company to work at all.