BBC Sounds not showing as a service

Hi everyone,


BBC stopped working via tunein recently. I’ve read that it should now be a service I can link, but it’s not showing up in the ‘add a service’ list. Any advice?





Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 18 April 2022, 16:49

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More than likely that you’ve not set up your address properly on the Sonos website (not the forum). Sonos uses that data to filter what is shown to you in the app. 

Hi Matt, I’m getting the same issue and don’t know how to resolve, Sean 

I’m having same issue too and can’t see what I’m doing wrong….

Same not working for me either…..



Having checked/changed the country setting in your online Sonos profile (See attached screenshot) and saved those settings, check that the profile holds your current Sonos devices in the ‘System Tab’ of the profile.

Then check the Sonos App is logged into the same account and check for any Sonos updates.

Fully close and reopen the App and see if the ‘BBC Sounds’ service then appears in the list of services by scrolling to the bottom of the ‘Browse Tab’ (music icon on main bottom toolbar in the App) and selecting the option to ‘Add a Service

Thanks @Ken_Griffiths. Took a few days to sync up, but it's showing after setting my country to UK  It was USA or some reason...

Same type of issue, after trying all of the above and updating my address still no service from BBC sounds but the BBC sounds app works fine.

Extremely frustrating the service is no longer working on Sonos. 


What did Sonos support say, after you submitted a diagnostic report, and contacted them?

Same issue here. My location is set to the UK, my device appears in the systems tab on my online profile, but still no BBC Sounds available in the Services list…


Will keep ym eyes peeled on here for a resolution :-(

Figured out what I was doing wrong. all good. 

Delete the bbc stations from my sonos favourite stations as they were still calling up tunein. Then go to bbc sounds via browse and add them back in.