Anyone running Sonos S2 on Mac Ventura?

  • 13 January 2023
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Hi.  Is anyone successfully running Sonos S2 with Mac Ventura OS and connecting to their own music library stored on their Mac book?

Given the problems I’m having connecting & as Ventura is relatively new, I wonder if there isn’t yet a fix for this?

I love the sound quality of our Sonos but my loyalty is fading fast.



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9 replies

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I have no issues, neither with connecting, nor with the music library. Only thing that doesn’t work right now are updates, I have to reinstall the controller each time there is an update.


Thanks for responding - that gives me hope. 


Pleased to report I’m up & running & have music playing through Sonos.

the issue was where I was storing our music - needs to be in the Apple Music app & can’t be in a folder (like it was on previous iMac)

Im using Ventura too, and the new 13.4.1 version. It works great. it works with S2 app and airplay.

Have a good summer.


I am using macOS Ventura (13.4) with the newest Sonos version (15.5) with the music files on a router. My system is an IKEA x Sonos SYMFONISK Bookshelf and it doesn’t connect to the music files inside the router. I posted a topic on this here:


Please don’t post in multiple threads, it is unnecessary. I’ve already asked for more details in your original thread. 

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Good to know C M M but… I’d like to use an external SSD to store my Sonos Library and currently the latest version of Ventura isn’t having any of it.  I just posted a topic and wondered if formatting a new SSD drive while plugged into the iMac utilizing Ventura would enable me to create a path to the library on that drive.  Note: I copied the Sonos music library from an older iMac and then plugged it into the new iMac. Haven’t had success going the route even after struggling with Permissions, Sharing…. etc.

I have spoken to Sonos Support twice and Apple Support once and neither had a clue how to resolve these issues. I have an intel iMac running Ventura, latest version. I get a message saying need to change file sharing settings then to put in my admin password. Then it denies me assess saying some problem with my password. My library is on an external drive also. I have been using an older iMac to run the system but it finally was too old and won't run it. Then on my new M3 MacBook running Sonoma the Sono S2 app won't update just saying there is a problem. I may end up having to junk the whole five speaker system or try to sell it off. Would it make a difference on the iMac if I copied the entire library to my internal hard drive? Neither Sonos or Apple recommended this.

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My initial issue was with my wife’s old iMac running El Capitan. Yeah, it worked so why update? I clicked on a Sonos Controller update earlier this year and… no more Sonos on my wife’s iMac. It had aged out. I was a bit miffed that it wasn’t a smart installer in that it would have warned me that the update wasn’t compatible with my O.S.  But, we upgraded my wife’s iMac.

How I succeeded in getting the Sonos library to reside on an external drive was to buy an affordable 1TB USB-C unit and format it while plugged into the new iMac. Then, I brought down the old drive containing the Sonos library and plugged it in with an USB-A to C adapter. It transferred without an issue (didn’t jack around with permissions as I tried before), fired up the Sonos desktop app and Managed the Library. I hadn’t done that previously either and it was something where my dim lightbulb came on and… voila’, Sonos up and running. Note: I was forced to update my controller on my work iMac two days ago. I was miffed to find out that Sonos wouldn't run at all until I did that. I have OS Mojave on that one because iI have old software that still need for work and don’t want to pay a subscription.