Android-to-WiFi-Play1 sourcing USB on Netgear SW

  • 14 February 2023
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I was told I could (using my Android phone) access a USB Music Drive on my Netgear 16Port PoE Sw by connecting an RJ45-to-USB adapter.   Did that.  Can’t figure out how to see/access it from my phone.  All the tips point to using Win10 as the interface.  I need to do it from my phone.  Thanks, Rookie WiFi’er here.   


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1 reply

Couple of things, which may or may not be much help.

  1. it really doesn’t matter what device you’re using the controller from when controlling your music playback. The controller is merely a remote control / display as to what is occurring on the app on the speakers. 
  2. In order for you to be able to use a USB drive on a netgear switch, the netgear needs to have software that treats it as an NAS, other wise you need to just the drive to your desktop, and use it that way. Check your particular netgear’s manual as to how/if you can set up the USB drive as a NAS, and then you’d need to figure out which version of SMB you can use. S1 can only access using SMB v1, but if you’re using S2 on your Sonos, you can use SMB v2 or v3. 

Yes, there’s a lot of “I need to know X” in that response, and it may be challenging as a rookie wifi-er to process all of that. It may be to your advantage to actually call Sonos Support directly to discuss it. They may have knowledge about your specific switch that might help….although as soon as you said the use of an adapter, my hopes dropped significantly. Lots of potential for not working, I’m afraid.