Amazon Music HD - Is there a limit on recently played radio stations?

  • 15 January 2023
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I have radio stations on Amazon Music saved as SONOS Favorites and when I play some that have not been played for a while, I get the error “Requested operation failed. Please try again.”.  Is this a SONOS issue, or is it related to my Amazon Service.  Does SONOS limit the number of recently played stations for Amazon Services or is this a credential issue with Amazon?

On the SONOS Favorite that is failing, I can do a search for the radiostation in Amazon and then it will play.  However, if I try to start it from the favorite link, I get the error message.


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There is some limit, not sure what it is, also on favorites.

The Amazon issue is not related, from time to time Amazon will change something, no clue what, and a saved station will no longer play. If you remove it and then add it back from the music menus it will work again.

I have some saved that have worked as long as I can remember, others seem to get broken every few weeks.

Probably not something Sonos can fix.