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  • 1 January 2024
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Sorry - I see similar queries have been raised before, but I haven’t found a solution among the replies yet.

I have the up-to-date Sonos controller on my iPhone 11 which is now running iOS 17.2.1. I have 2 pairs of Sonos One speakers and a single one. They’re of various ages, including a couple of brand new ones.

Until quite recently I was happily streaming music from my Apple Music to my Sonos speakers via Airplay as well as from BBC Sounds, but a few days ago I received the message that Airplay was unable to connect to my Sonos speakers. 

This remains the case and applies to all of the Sonos speakers, but to nothing else (I can stream to our Sony TV for example). But it applies only to my iPhone - my iPad and iMac have no problems connecting to and streaming to the Sonos system.

So I wonder what happened in the iPhone/Sonos environment? 

Is there a solution from the Sonos side?

I’m reluctant to ask Apple about it - when a recent MacOS update rendered my HP printer useless their response was that HP should re-write their printer software … fairly typical arrogance I suppose.

Does anyone know a clever tweak to get this functionality back?


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3 replies

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Have you done a complete restart of the iPhone? Simpel… but often effective. 


Now I could kick myself!

After goodness knows how many years of giving the same advice to so many people I didn’t think to try that myself.

Thank you Schlumpf.


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I just see trees… where is the forest? 😅😉