Accessing one NAS drive (WD MyCloud) from two locations

  • 30 January 2024
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I’ve been having quite the time trying to figure out how to configure and set up Sonos to work both locally (on the network that the NAS drive is on) AND remotely (another location with Sonos speakers on a different network). It appears, from what I can tell, that this *should* be possible, however I can’t seem to add the music library when I’m on a different network. I have a hunch it may be an issue with the NAS drive’s configuration, but I’m still investigating. 

However, I just got off the phone with someone from Sonos support, and they told me that it is *not* possible to access a NAS drive remotely (from a different network than the drive is on), even though I referenced this article from the support site multiple times along with Community threads, which all appear to indicate this should be possible. So: 

  1. Is it possible to connect a Sonos system on one network to a NAS drive that is on a different network? 
  2. Is it possible to have two locations with different networks use the same NAS drive for the Music Library?

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5 replies

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If you want to share your local collection to multipe Sonos systems use Plex or

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Hi @nahiri15 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Are you able to add Plex as a service on your NAS drive? If so, you can then access your Plex library from anywhere, including on multiple Sonos systems - just add Plex as a music service on each system.

I hope this helps.

Well, it appears I have been entirely misinformed about this ha. Thanks for the responses here. For some reason, I was under the impression that it was possible for a Sonos system to connect to a remote NAS drive for the Music Library, but it appears this is not the case. Bummer. 

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We must be reading things very differently as I see nothing about allowing you to use your NAS on different networks there.

Sonos uses SMB to access a NAS device and requires it to be on the same network as your Sonos.


There is a work-around that should work but I haven’t tested it. Use a NAS to SMB gateway to provide SMB access locally while connecting to your real NAS using a protocol that will cross networks/LANs.

Here is a simple Pi SMB Gateway you could use as a starting point.

SMB v1 Gateway

When I read the linked FAQ, I don’t see anything that seems to imply that you could access an NAS drive on a separate network. I’m also aware that using a controller requires both the controller device and the Sonos devices to be on the same subnet, which means remote access isn’t possible to the system at all. 

To my knowledge, WD dropped support for their Cloud drive which was designed to work for Sonos, although I’m not certain even if that allowed for access from two different systems.

I don’t believe there is currently any way for two Sonos systems to share a single NAS.