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  • 24 January 2017
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Is there a way for the next update to have the

-ability to lock a group area in the settings menu.
eg. You have a large alfresco area, maybe using 3 x connect amps, and because it's in the same location, you don't want to keep grouping the areas or accidentally ungroup them, in the settings menu you can group them and give them a group name, and when you use the areas, it will have all areas including the new grouped zone/s, but will not have the name of the individual zone it contains, also global audio settings, if you have two connects/amps, and one subwoofer, the normal setting will only allow the eq of the sub and speaker combination for one of the amps, but if you have multiple areas in this grouped zone, a global setting also should be applied (I have a customer that has 4 connect amps, 2 subwoofers-unable to add more subs because of locations.) the problem with current setup is that they will turn the volume up for New Years, two x Amp speakers will only do the partial of the bass which is fine, but the other two speakers will do full range and may damage the speakers and/or amps. So a global setting for this set group can be applied and reduce a chance for major problems.

-Another wish list is set maximum volume limits, maybe in room settings, you can set maximum volume settings, and when you operate it will indicate set maximum has been reached, this will prevent the speakers or amplifiers to be over abused, especially during prolonged parties.

-Can there also be Truplay available for Connect Amps and Connects.

-multiple subwoofers, some customers want extreme bass, and instead of over running the bass controls of one subwoofer, why not have the function to add two or more subwoofers for each area

-IR function
Play bar has the ability to detect the tv remote function, can this function have the ability to have channel up/down and power for a TV, it will simplify the operations of picking up a another remote

-Sonos Connect Sub, customer has a existing subwoofer, and want to integrate it to their sonos system, they can have something similar to a connect, but in a smaller form factor so it can be used with the subwoofer

-optical/coax inputs on the connect/amp, some areas we have TV sets and existing inceiling speakers, and want to use it without using optical converters, and to reduce the Lyp sync issues.
-Sonos TV connect
Small form factor connect that has a optical input, and is linked to a connect/amp in a different location, this enables to have a similar function of a play bar but to a connect/amp. Maybe USB powered off TV if possible (most TVs are 500mA, only a few have 1amp out of the USB)

-USB inputs, so customers can listen to their Music without the need to going to settings all the time, similar to listen to my phone when it detects it, but will say "listen to USB"

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3 replies

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My wish list is a little shorter ...
- Here's another vote for locking groups. Since the 7.1 update, Sonos forgets my groups for each new listening session. (Seems like it used to remember the last-used group; now it reverts to individual Plays instead.)

- Also, pre-set individual volume in groups -- for example, when Include Grouped Rooms is selected in Alarms -- instead of one volume for all units in the grouped rooms.

I use an alarm to turn on the system for particular shows, and I want it to play throughout the house but I'm not always in the same room when it starts. Each room in my house has a different desired volume. Obviously I could open the interface and adjust them manually but it would be nice if Sonos just "remembered" that each room has a usual volume that's different from the other rooms, and that certain rooms are always grouped.
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Permanent groups are a very common request. There is a wishlist thread under the controller section.
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Well then, great minds think alike. 😃