Updated Privacy Statement

  • 19 August 2017
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SONOS could be more forthright if they would indicate the changes in the Updated Privacy Statement. If customers want to know the changes we have to print up both and search for differences. A cool company like SONOS - great product and great customer service - should not behave like soulless corporations and not be clear about changes. But I fear that lawyers who do not ever think about customers or their needs are probably given full control of this sort of important communication.

SONOS - please don't allow yourself to morph into the worst of corporate behavior. Please have your coolness extend to notifications. Thank you for your time.

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7 replies

thanks. the fix isn't worth the effort to adjust and readjust. My restart was easier.
As has been mentioned in 3 or 4 other threads, if the font size has been increased on the Android device, you can't scroll to get to the accept button. Reverting the font size down from where it has been set is the only resolution provided, thus far.
Couldn't confirm I'd read the statement on my Android 8 Pixel XL phone. Locked up the APP, had to restart the phone. Confirming on my MAC was no problem. No longer a problem for me, but others?
My understanding- based on comments from other users is that blocking msmetrics.ws.sonos.com will block the marketing and "functional" snooping that you can't opt out of in the app (at least this worked prior to 7.4) but YMMV.
tloden,I found this:


Unfortunately my router is packed away in a box somewhere so I can't confirm this, but one address I blocked is update.sonos.com. I did this to avoid automatic updates in case one of my controller settings accidentally allowed it. I'm still using 4.3.

Anyway, I doubt this address will be used for the upcoming data collection process so you may have to accept the new privacy policy, monitor network traffic, and then block the appropriate ports or IP addresses soon afterwards. Or maybe the firewall settings above will be updated with the exact details.
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Simone_4 what exactly is your request here? The full privacy statement is available for your review. Sonos announced it loudly and called your attention to it. Am I understanding you correctly that your entire complaint is they haven't provided a simple enough summary of the changes?

You accuse Sonos of behaving "soullessly" because they're making you read the entirety of the agreement? This is an amazingly example of extreme exaggeration.

tloden, your request is equally silly, but you should post your own thread to address why rather than hijacking this one.
Does anyone know what ports/IPs Sonos uses to phone home? I'm looking to set up some firewall rule sets to block the traffic.