Speakers cut out when accessing Sonos Matrix via "ip-address:1400/support/review" - possibly since SVC updates

  • 2 June 2022
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Not sure if this is related to the SVC updates performed on my voice enabled speakers over the last 24 hours, but now when I access any speaker on my Sonosnet network via “ip-address:1400/support/review”, any voice-enabled speakers on the network that are currently playing cut out for approx 10-15 seconds before resuming.

i.e. Any Sonos Ones that are playing (across multiple rooms) cut out, including the primary “wired” Sonos One (to enable Sonosnet), but my Play-5 Gen 2’s keep playing. Changing the IP address in the URL to another speaker makes no difference.

Not a big deal, just wondering in anyone else is seeing this behavior.

Just in case Sonos are interested…
Diagnostic # : 1093743148
For this diagnostic the wired Sonos One in the Office was playing and I accessed the URL from a wired PC also in the office using the IP address of one of my Play-5’s in the URL. The Office Sonos One stopped playing for 15 seconds before resuming.



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Status information has to be gathered and collated. This requires network and CPU bandwidth. 

Sonos Support are unlikely to help, as you're using an undocumented feature.

But does it really matter? The matrix is the only item which requires /support/review and the content doesn't change whether or not players are playing. FYI to query a single node you can get a much quicker response via /status.