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  • 26 November 2016
  • 1 reply

I have used other music libraries and got used to sorting functions I cannot find in Sonos. Firstly it is not logical to sort the albums based on their title. It is more logical to sort based on album artist first and then title. Secondly I would also like to sort on latest added albums first. Usually you listen to the most recently added albums most. Secondly you know you have added new albums that you want to explore but you do not keep in your head which 20 records you have added most recently. So I would like to have these two sorting’s available at the same time not only one or the other.

Are these sorting functions available and how do I set them up? If not when can I expect them?

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1 reply

Sorting by album artist is available now. Choose the artist, and the next menu down is albums. You do need to check the sort by album artist option in Settings.

The rest are not available, and probably not to be expected due to memory constraints on the Sonos index. You can use a music manager program to build and maintain a new music playlist that is easily imported into Sonos to solve the new music need.