SONOS vs Apple Watch

  • 20 April 2024
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Having recently obtained an Apple Watch, I found it surprising that there was no official Sonos control application tailored for this device. Considering SONOS's emphasis on connectivity via Wi-Fi, the absence of such an app seemed unexpected. Personally, I prefer relying on official apps rather than third-party solutions. I eagerly await your feedback on this matter.

2 replies

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All said by @Airgetlam  about an official Sonos app for AW.

But if you are interested in a really good app for Apple Watch, I would recommend „Lyd“ from the german developer Alexander Heinrich. I‘m using it myself and like it much. Also there‘s a native version of the app if you like. 

I suspect that the number of Apple Watch users (of which I am also one) doesn’t support the need for such an extension of the current iOS app. This may possibly change if the rumors of a Ui/UX change are true, but I suspect that if Sonos chooses to go this route for Apple users, they’ll need to also add the capabilities for Android watch users. 

Sonos doesn’t pre-announce software changes, the only way you’ll find out is either being a member of a beta group testing it (if it exists at all) or at public release. You won’t get much of a Sonos comment here, beyond the obligatory ‘we’ll pass this comment back to the team for consideration’.