Sonos old remote Control

  • 26 February 2017
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Hi guys the following could sound a silly question but I want to know if someone sees a use case for the old Sonos remote control in these days knowing that today everything is controlled from the Sonos smartphone/desktop apps. The reason I'm asking is that some one is selling one in my country (we're is not easy to find Sonos products) and since I'm a Sonos crazy I was wondering if I could use it somehow in my current configuration that is made of a playbar, two Play 1s, two Play 3s a Sonos Connect, a Play 5 (2nd) and a Sub.:S., also I'm not sure it is still supported by the newer speakers. thanks for your thoughts.

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3 replies

They are still supported with all the current products, although they don't have all the functions of the smartphone controllers any more. The main thing they are missing is the configuration options. For instance, you won't be able to pair a SUB using the older controllers. Most of the music playing functions still work fine, even with new music services.

I use a CR100 in my kitchen still as they are very water-resistant (although, these days, it doesn't actually get much use) and also one in my bedroom where it works reasonably well with the alarm functions to provide "snooze".

I would say that, apart from the "snooze" function on these controllers, they are fairly obsolete and clunky to use. I'm not sure I would recommend getting a second hand one.

Note that the rechargeable batteries in the CR100 have a limited life and many of the original units sold will be coming to the end of that life. The batteries were not replaceable, although there are some enterprising people on the Internet who have worked out how to replace them.

The CR200 were renowned for developing touch-screen issues.

If you buy a second hand one of these controllers, there's a high chance it will have problems, or that it will develop problems within a short period of time.


I still have mine going on about nine years with it. Battery is probably nearing the end of its life or is already shot, but I keep the CR100 in its cradle in my kitchen too. It never leaves its cradle. Much easier to raise and lower volume and stop and start the music using that with wet hands. It is a convenience that I will miss once I have to toss it.
Thanks for the replys very illustrative.