Sonos app and Google Play Music playlists.

  • 29 December 2016
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Using the Sonos app with Google Play Music how does one add a song to a Google Play Music playlist? I only see the option to add the song to a Sonos playlist.

This presents an issue since I also listen to music through wireless Jaybird earphones when out and about or at the gym. In this case I use the Google Play Music app and would like the songs I added while listening at home to appear on the playlists there as well.

Maybe I'm just missing something which is definitely possible. Thanks!

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2 replies

Create / add to playlists in the Google app. They will then be visible in the Sonos app, but can't be added to there.
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Thanks for the reply. That's a bummer. I will say the Sonos app has improved since the last time I used it 10 months ago, but it's still missing a couple common sense features such as this. Guess I'll have to group my speakers in the Sonos app and then bounce back to the Google Play Music app to control the music. Not ideal but unavoidable for now.