Restrict Access to Queue

  • 15 May 2017
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Anyone know if it's possible to stop people chasing the order of songs in the queue or to only allow them to add songs to the end of the queue and not use the play now option.
At a recent party I gave a few people access to my music library sp they could browse through and pick some stuff to play but it just ended up being a war with people adding songs to play now instead of the end of the queue, then someone else would do a play now and so on and so on, hardly got to the end of any songs and it created a bit of tension.
Some people might ask why I gave anyone access. They're my friends and I can't force them to listen to what I want all the time. It would be great if there was a party mode of sorts where people could access Sonos and add songs to the queue but only to the end of the queue. They then get to pick some music they like but don't cut off music that other people like.

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3 replies

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Hey Al Stewart,

We don't have a way to lock access or limit how the songs are placed on the queue once someone is connected to the system. We appreciate the feedback and we'll pass it along to the rest of the team.
Thanks for the reply. Would appreciate if this can be passed to the team as a feature request. I guess you get all sorts of feature requests and so this may not make it through any further but highlighting it would be good.
You gave people access to your entire LAN with all the privacy and security implications.... yet you want Sonos to stop them messing with the order of the tracks played?