problems with mac Sierra

  • 8 October 2016
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Since I downloaded the new Mac OS, Sierra, I am having problems with the controller not acknowledging my wifi connection. I have had to reset my controller multiple times to get it working again. Turning wifi on and off does not work. I also deleted and installed a new version of the Sonos Mac controller. That doesn't help either.
Thanks for any suggestions on how to fix this

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5 replies

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Hi Lani, welcome to the community. Can you describe your WiFi and network setup in your home? What kind of router do you have, and are you using any extenders, boosters, switches, access points etc. to carry the network around? If so, what are these devices and how do they connect together?Please also send us a diagnostic and reply here with the number that you get.
Hi Tom, I have a dsl line connected to the cable company's router (Proximus). I have a bridge (it might be old, I bought it in 2011). I reset the controller and set up my apple airport utility to create a home wifi network. When doing that, I also changed the settings for my Mac to never go to sleep. I had to reconnect my entire library to the controller. That seemed to work for about a week. Then when I unplugged a component, the problems started all over again. I removed the home wifi and by turning the wifi on and off again and doing something with the bridge, it started working last night. Now, it only works for about 10 minutes. It seems to keep losing the wifi connection. But what is weird is that I still have internet on my computer to browse the web, etc. Also, my wifi says it is constantly looking for wifi networks, even when it shows that the computer is connected to wifi and I can use the internet. THANKS!

Here is the diagnostic number: 6646886
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Hi Lani, thanks for getting back to us. That diagnostic came up entirely blank. Can you please try changing the Sonosnet channel, then submit another diagnostic? Also, if you are having issues with WiFi connectivity on other devices, there is a high probability that you may have a more widespread issue than Sonos alone.
Thanks. I reset the sonos channel. I noticed that Sonos dropped one of my players. I was able to add it back with the add sonos player function. All was working fine and suddenly (after about 20 minutes of music playing) the music just stopped "unable to ... [play music]". I tried to submit a diagnostic report and that didn't work for the first 5-6 tries. This one went through. 6655236. Ten minutes later I was able to play music again. So the problem is that the music just stops. Sometimes it stops and the players disappear. This time, the players and controller connectivity don't stop, but just the music.

It does not seem to be a wifi connectivity issue as was simultaneously working on a different computer and there were not wifi interruptions or problems.
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In that case, it sounds like you are using more than 1 WiFi network, is this correct? The other computer is probably on a more stable connection with an access point...