Manage options not working

  • 13 November 2016
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I updated my Sonos system this morning and now the manage options are greyed out-cannot manage system or library now. I use an Apple computer.

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7 replies

The OS X version must be old then. 10.7 and 10.8 are now 'partially supported'.
Thank you for your reply! I have OS 10.7. Does this mean I have to buy a new computer? Any other options?
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If you want to control Sonos fully and you ONLY have the Mac then you need a new computer or upgrade the OS.
Don't you have a smart phone - iPhone or Android - You can control from one of those. Or a tablet could be used.
The old Mac can continue to host the music library. And the Sonos controller there can continue to control basic playback functions.

However you'd need to use a different controller for 'admin' operations. As Stuart suggests, a phone should do. Or an iPod Touch from 5th generation onwards. Or buy a cheap Android tablet.
Thank you for your help! I do have an i phone 5. My music, however, is all in itunes on my computer. I normally download music from IOMOIO to itunes then to my Sonos music library. I can no longer manage my music library from my computer, I don't have itunes or any music on my phone.. What is the best way to download music onto my sonos from my phone? Obviously, I am not a tech guru (to say the least). Thanks again!
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If you download the Sonos app onto your iPhone 5, launch and connect to your Existing Sonos system. Then, as long as your computer is switched on, you can play the music that is on your PC from the iPhone.

You see Sonos is NOT a media player. What it knows is where the music is LOCATED and when via an app or controller you ask for some music to be played the Play speaker itself (not the Sonos app) sends a request to fetch the music file - this could be from a music service (eg Spotify or Apple) or your music - but the principle is the same.
You can continue to:
- download music onto the Mac
- manage music using iTunes on the Mac
- transfer music from iTunes to the folders indexed by Sonos (assuming they're different from the regular iTunes storage)

What you cannot do on the old Mac is:
- change the folders indexed by Sonos
- tell Sonos to update its music library
For these you could use the iPhone controller.

The Mac controller can still be used to instruct Sonos what to play, pause, stop, etc.