innuos mini mk3

  • 6 August 2022
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I am trying to get my Innuous mini mk3 library available on my Sonos Port.  Support has told me a.  No hard connection is necessary, they communicate via wifi, b. Connect them directly with ethernet cable and c. Connect them directly with rca cables.  I have tried all with no luck.  I have no confidence in support on this matter.  Have any of you experience with this?  Thanks in advance.

7 replies

Can you link an instruction manual for the Innuous mini mk3 device? I’m not familiar with it. 

Unless it is an NAS, it won’t connect either wirelessly, or with an Ethernet cable. If it is a player of some sort, the analog out port on it should be connected with RCA cables to the line in port on the Sonos, and the normal line in instructions should be followed. 

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This service actually has a Sonos mode: Connecting to a SONOS System – Innuos – High-Fidelity Digital Music Servers and Streamers

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On I see instructions for a UPnP set up. If you cannot add de Mk3 in the usual way (by providing a link to a server in the Sonos app), maybe this would work. I have no experience with either UPnP on Sonos or Innuos though…..

Thanks for all the responses.  Controlav- i have been following the instructions on the Innuous site but the Port and Innuous are not finding each other.  “If it doesnt find a sonos network, make sure the devices… are active and on the same network so they can see each other”.  

Does this mean that I have to run them both back to my internet router (currently only the Innuous is and I only have 1 port available at this location),that they might communicate via wifi (both are on my wifi) or that I could connect them directly?  

thanks again.

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So long as they are on the same subnet, and your router isn’t doing something insane, that is enough.

OK, what’s a subnet?