• 8 June 2022
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This is just feedback to Sonos.

I don’t really like having to reset my router every time the Sonos app can’t find my Sonos system, whcih is becoming more frequent. Everything in my house is connected to the router, so resetting it is not ideal. I am sure there is a technical reason for needing to do this, but your users don’t care about that. All they see is that it is becoming increasing onerous to own and operate a fairly expensive sound system. From a marketing standpoint this might be a problem for you.

I’ve had a Sonos system for 12 years. For the first time I am beginning to think that it isn’t really worth it.

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1 reply

Although not mandatory, it’s recommended that you reserve fixed IP addresses in your router for your Sonos components and control devices. This avoids IP conflicts.

IP conflicts lead to local communication failures. And router restarts are a classic way of triggering conflicts, because unless IPs are reserved many home routers forget which IP addresses they’d already handed out prior to the reboot.