Feature request: Sort option on songs in playlists

  • 24 January 2017
  • 4 replies

I would like to request a sort feature on the songs in a playlist.
Especially for my favorite songs in my Deezer favorite list I would like to be able to change the sort order so that I get the most recent additions on the top (date added descending). This would also be my preferred default setting as opposed to the current date added ascending. As in order to play the song I last added to the playlist, it now forces me to scroll all the way down to the list. Typically, I am most interested to listen to the songs I most recently added.

Thank you very much in advance for your consideration!


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4 replies

I second User 187771. Sort by date, artist, or album - similar to sorting in the Deezer app.
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I don't use Playlists but doesn't the place in the list depend on what you've played? So if you add 20 new songs over 2 weeks why would you want to jump to the last one?
The playlist gets hard to manage and find songs once it gets large. If I have hundreds of favorites in my Deezer favorites list, I would like the sorting options.
Here's my use case:
I don't have a local library (I don't buy CDs or digital music)
I only stream music (in this case from Deezer but the sorting options should be global to any 'list' really)
I organize 'my music' in Deezer playlists - I have alot number of them

So, once a playlist contain more than a few songs, it sometimes gets difficult to find the song I am looking for.