external sonos controller

  • 13 October 2021
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We love our sonos system but my wife is not app friendly. Are there any physical controllers that can connect to the speakers?

4 replies

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The other Option is to hook up Alexa or Google Home, but you’d need to have a streaming service (you can use Free Spotify).  Then she can select music, radio, and adjust volume by room by voice.  That could make her appy!

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Iets kleiner: https://violet-ultra.co.uk/product/smartswitch-lite-uk-eu/ Ik las er goede dingen over. Een iPad aan de wand monteren kan natuurlijk ook.

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This article covers the most popular options:


But no physical remote will give you the amount of control the Sonos app gives you.

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And when they do, they look very much like the app (like this one: SmartSwitch Lite (UK/EU) | VIOLET (violet-ultra.co.uk)), which makes your wife not want to use it.

I miss the Ikea remote (Ikea’s inexpensive Sonos remote control is worth every penny - The Verge) in the link provided by @GuitarSuperstar. Would your wife not like to use voice commands for Sonos (either via Google Assistant of through Alexa)?