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  • 7 March 2018
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I am not sure if this should happen but if i use my iPhone Sonos app to play music I can control that series of tracks with my apple watch. I can change the volume, pause and skip tracks plus i get the track names. I cannot add to the playlist or change the speakers or have access to the library. It does not work with iPads or laptops.

It seems that once the iPhone app has been opened then the watch can be used. witch does seem logical.

I have an original watch series 0 and an iPhone 5s

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9 replies

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Yes the Apple Watch has that ability for various audio apps. I used it for SiriusXM for a while before I disabled the feature of the controls being the default face when playing audio. It was handy for a while.
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Hi there, Old Geezer. There isn't any integration of the Sonos app on the Apple Watch. When you use the Apple Watch to control Sonos, it is because the Sonos controller on your iPhone is using the media playback controls. This is why you only have basic playback control and not much else.

Your watch is connected (paired) to your iPhone, this is why it doesn't come up when using the iPad or laptop.
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Any one know if there is an update to when Sonos would release an iPhone watch app? This is a start I guess but watch app fully integrated with rooms and favorites would be sweet
I agree. The I watch app I am surprised isn’t available. I’m sure you are working on it. It works well with pandora
It’s crazy Sonos app doesn’t work with Apple Watch. Pandora, Shazam, Xfinity Stream all do. Come on Sonos.

Even if I start sonos from my iPhone on spotify, if I click next song of my watch it stops the music on sonos and starts playing it on my phone.

its 2019.
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I use the Lyd for Sonos app on my Apple Watch 4.

I see all all my rooms and can even start/stop music remotely.
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Right now I’m streaming SiriusXM to the family room. I can group to other rooms from the watch also.

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I also use Lyd but it is very limited with song play lists

you can only play song in the Favorites playlist but you cannot see a list of song. so have to play it from the beginning and then hit the skip button to move to the next song or use the shuffle button.

What you can do is. manage Groups (add/remove speaker). volume, change select household and play Favorites playlist (this is where it is limited).

Still a very nice app as i mainly pick the playlist (Remember it only shows Favorites playlist) and use the watch for volume and skip songs.

I did contact Alexander the app developer
"The app has currently only the ability to start a playlist from the beginning or in Shuffle mode (by toggling the switch on the top). I would like to add a deeper integration which can show you actual songs, but currently Sonos does not allow me to do that"