Alarm volume should start smoothly

  • 16 January 2016
  • 3 replies

Everyone who uses an alarm, would rather like to be waked up by a progressive increasing (and decreasing) volume and not directly to the settled volume level.
Shouldn't be that a normal setting nowadays? If every one agrees, please add that feature asap.

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3 replies

Edward R: I can see plenty of people asking for this when searching on google. Nobody is arguing that the Sonos alarm does not have any fade in time for the volume to reach it's set level. The issue is that it is way to short a fade in time for most people...
Can Sonos add a Fade In time setting in the alarm settings?
It s been 2 years I use it and it hurts to get the volume to increase so fast.
Thank you Sonos for listening to all of us!!!
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As jgatie says, the alarm automatically increases, it does not come in at the prespecified volume. Is this something you are still having problems with? If so, please submit diagnostics and respond here with the confirmation number. Thank you!
The current alarm already has a progressive fade-in/fade-out of 15 seconds. There is no "directly to the settled volume."