Add Pro Ject vinyl player to existing setup

  • 8 December 2022
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I want to add Pro Ject turntable to my existing home theatre set up. Play bar, play 1s and sub.

Once I connect via amp, port or play 5 etc. will the sound broadcast over all speakers? or just one?  

2 replies

Hi.  The linein becomes just another source and can be played to any speaker(s) in your system.  If you used the line-in on a Five, for example, you could even play your turntable to your HT setup and play a different source on your Five.

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I have my rega P-25 streaming to all my sonos devices. Just plug the pre-amp output into the Sonos Port input and you are good. As ppl say, the port is “overpriced”, but since it’s less than my cartridge….