Sonos Roam has steady red blinking light

  • 26 September 2022
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Sonos Roam works without any issue, but after fully charging the other day has a steady blinking red light. It is annoying. Any idea how to stop?



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3 replies

It is possible to check the Roams battery via the web interface too - goto this address using a web browser and see if all looks okay:

http://[iP Address of Roam]:1400/status/batterystatus

If the issue persists, then try this…

  • Whist ‘off’ it’s charger (that’s important) with the device powered ‘on’ - press and hold the rear power-button. The Roam will power itself off after approx. 5-6 seconds, but do not let go the button, keep it pressed for about another 15+ seconds until you see the front top status LED (near Sonos logo) light-up and glow white and then place the Roam back on its USB-C charger (5V/2A (10W) PD power supply minimum) and leave it until it’s fully charged (check via the web interface) - when it’s reached 100% it should then be okay after that.🤞

Hope that suggestion assists.


Are you sure that it has the full battery? Try to charge it again for 15-20 minutes

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Have you tried a long press shutdown.  You have to press the power button for over 7 seconds .