Sonos Port 12V trigger input

  • 11 December 2023
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I am going to be using a Sony STR-AZ7000ES receiver in a true 13.2 surround sound setup, with a Sonos port lined into 1 of the 3 @ 12V trigger inputs on the Sony. I mostly work in networking over that of A/V, but still do a ton of A/V work throughout the year. 

That said, sorry if this is a novice question, but what type of cable is used to connect the Sonos Port to respective input on the Sony receiver? It looks to me like it’s just a 3.5mm cable? Or is it something else?



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9 replies

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Hi @nickgilman

The type of cable you’ll need, looking at the Sony Receiver, would just be an RCA to RCA cable which the Sonos Port comes with if I’m not mistaken.

Looking at that specific receiver, you’ll want to connect the Port’s Line-Out to the Aux In on the Sony if you’d like to send Sonos audio to the receiver and what’s connected to it. If you’d like the reverse, then connecting the Port’s Line-In to the either Zone 2 or Zone 3 on the Sony will send what’s playing on the receiver to also play on Sonos.

I hope this information helps!

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@Jamie A I think they are asking about the trigger cable, not audio.

I haven’t used one since I scrapped my ZonePlayer but I think it was a 3.5 mm Mono cable.


The Support pages are no help:

12V trigger

Port has a 12V trigger output with a current rating of 200mA that can be connected to an amplifier with a 12V trigger input. This brings an amplifier out of standby mode when music starts playing, reducing the time it takes for the amplifier to become active and start outputting audio to your speakers.


User’s guide had it:

12V trigger

Use a stereo cable or a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable to wake your third-party amplifier whenever Sonos starts playing audio.
Note: Read the guide that came with your amplifier for details on the use of 12V trigger input.


But that is confusing, what do they mean by “a stereo cable” stereo 3.5 mm?

Is a stereo one required or will a mono one work?

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Awesome, thanks @Stanley_4 !

For future reference @Jamie A , see the attached pics here that illustrate the inputs I was writing about. 

Thanks all!

P.S. There was a weird error last night when I tried to post here to the Sonos community. I appeared like my original post failed, as that was the error message I got from the Sonos site. So then I hit post again. 10 minutes later, all of a sudden I now have 2 posts. Not sure what occurred server wise. 

But, this prompts a feature request: We should be able to delete posts like most all other community forums do. I looked to delete the secondary repeat post, & discovered last night there is no way we as end users can delete posts?


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Even the moderators don’t usually delete, just mark as a duplicate and close.

Lots of things here could use an upgrade, keep asking as some do seem to happen.

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@Stanley_4 I also wondered the same thing you did. 3.5mm stereo vs mono, will either cable work? 

I guess I am going to end up calling Sony at some point this week! 😆

Note that the 12V triggers are outputs on both the PORT and SONY. You cannot use the triggers to control the receiver or PORT.

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Good to know @buzz ! Thanks a bunch!

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All outputs, maybe use an external control module like this one. First I found so keep shopping.

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Hi @nickgilman,

Apologies, not sure how I missed that, but I’m glad @Stanley_4 helped. I agree that the Port user manual could be written more clearly, but you can use a mono cable.

Regarding duplicate posts or threads, we generally don’t delete anything unless it breaks our terms of service or is spam.