Sonos AMP S16 blow-up IC Chip

  • 31 August 2023
  • 2 replies

Hi, I have sonos AMP S16 blow-up IC chip locate on power supply board at U3, please see picture

I can’t read the part number. does anyone  know the part number for that chip?

Thank you


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2 replies

I happen to have mine apart right now haha

Mine has no power either, have a feeling it was a power surge during a lightning storm. Can't find any obvious blown pieces, and the 250v fuse is testing good I think. This is out of my realm of expertise though.

Have a VERY close look at R1262 (close to C3 - one of the big primary filter capacitors). Mine was blown, but it was only just visible. Am fairly sure it is a 102 (1Kohm) resistor, so easy to replace. That got me back from 0v output to about 30V. Now trying to figure out what else is damaged…